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Sightseeing Taxi Tour

We have a lot of  model courses for sightseeing Iwate. You can customize your own course as you like. If you have any questions about our courses, feel free to contact us by e-mail.

  • The charge is only for one taxi.
  • Highway tolls and parking fees will be charged separately.
  • We can pick you up from the departure or destination of Morioka City.(If neither the departure nor the destination is not in Morioka, we can not.)
  • The time during your shopping and your meals will be calculated as the sightseeing hours.
  • According to the schedule of the tourist Facilities, the course will be changed in some special situation.Thank you for your understanding.
  • Tourist guide is available in Japanese only. If you need English guide, this organization might help.(They have nothing to do with us.) →Morioka Goodwill Guides


Around Morioka City


Morioka Standard Tour A[2 hour]

●Fare : [4 seater] 7,000yen / [9 seater] 12,000yen

●Morioka station~Morioka Castle Ruins Park~Rock-breaking Cherry Tree (Ishiwarizakura)~Iwayama Observation Tower~Morioka Station

Morioka Standard Tour B[2 hour]

●Fare: [4 seater] 7,000yen / [9 seater] 12,000yen

●Morioka station~Rock-breaking Cherry Tree (Ishiwarizakura)~Morioka History and Culture Museum~Morioka Memorial Museum of Great Predecessors~Morioka Station

Morioka Standard Tour C [3 hours]

●Fare: [4 seater] 10,000yen / [9 seater] 18,000yen

●Morioka Station~Rock-breaking Cherry Tree (Ishiwarizakura)~Morioka History and Culture Museum~Iwayama Observation Tower~Morioka Station

Morioka Cultural Tour [4 hours]

●Fare : [4 seater] 14,000yen / [9 seater] 24,000yen

●Morioka Station~Morioka History and Culture Museum~Iwayama Observation Tower~Sake Brewery~Nambu Ironware studio & shop~Morioka Station

to Hiraizumi


Hanamaki airport~Hiraizumi Tour [7 hours]

●Fare : [4 seater] 33,000yen / [9 seater] 56,000yen

●Hanamaki airport~Esashi-Fujiwara-no-sato Heritage Park~Chuson-ji~Motsu-ji~Tsunagi Onsen(Hot Spring)

※If you would like to stay hotels of Tsunagi hot spring, please make reservation by yourself.

Hiraizumi Tour [7 hours]

●Fare : [4 seater] 33,000yen / [9 seater] 56,000yen

●Morioka Station~Esashi-Fujiwara Heritage Park~Chuson-ji~Motsu-ji~Takkoku-no-Iwaya Temple~Gembikei Gorge~Ichinoseki Station

to KOIWAI Farm


Koiwai Farm Tour A[2 hours]

●Fare: [4 seater] 7,000yen  [9 seater] 12,000yen

●Morioka station~Koiwai Farm(30 minutes)~milk farm~Morioka station

Koiwai Farm Tour B[3 hours]

●Fare: [4 seater] 10,000yen / [9 seater] 18,000yen

●Morioka station~Koiwai farm~Morioka handi works square(Tedukuri-mura)~Morioka station

to Sanriku coast


North-Sanriku Tour

●Fare: [4 seater] 37,000yen / [9 seater]  60,000yen

●Morioka station~Kuzumaki Plateau Farm~Hiraniwa Highlands~Kuji Keiryu(stream)~Kuji Amber Museum~Kosode Coast; northernmost Ama Divers~Kuji Station

Rikuchu Coast Tour

●Fare: [4 seater] 37,000yen / [9 seater]  60,000yen

●Morioka station~Gandou-ko~Hayasaka Highlands~Ryusendo Cave~Kitayamazaki Cliffs~Unosu Cliff~Kuma-no-hana Observation Tower~Jodogahama beach~Miyako Station