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Taxi Service in Morioka

About us

“Morioka Taxi Corporation” is a professional taxi service provider in Morioka, the capital city of Iwate Prefecture.
Since 1924, we have been offering high-quality transport services in and around Morioka and Takizawa cities.

Services of “Morioka Taxi”

Ordering a Taxi using a Smartphone App

You can order Morioka Taxi by using the App,’GO’. This App offer English ordering services. →DOWNLOAD

Chartered Taxi [Sightseeing Taxi]

Our charter cab service is specialized for business and pleasure.
We will use the same vehicle for several days.
We can also keep your luggage in the vehicle.

Recommended Sightseeing Tour

You can customize your own course as you like.

Morioka Standard Tour A[2hour]

●Fare : [4 seater] 9,000yen   [9 seater] 15,000yen

●Morioka station~Morioka Castle Ruins Park~Rock-breaking Cherry Tree (Ishiwarizakura)~Iwayama Observation Tower~Morioka Station

Morioka Cultural Tour[4hour]

●Fare : [4 seater] 20,000yen   [9 seater] 32,000yen

●Morioka Station~Morioka History and Culture Museum~Iwayama Observation Tower~Sake Brewery~Nambu Ironware studio & shop~Morioka Station


↓ Explore more model courses to Hiraizumi, Hanamaki, Koiwai Farm, and more.

  • The charge is only for one taxi.
  • Highway tolls and parking fees will be charged separately.
  • We can pick you up from the departure or destination of Morioka City.(If neither the departure nor the destination is not in Morioka, we can not.)
  • The time during your shopping and your meals will be calculated as the sightseeing hours.
  • According to the schedule of the tourist Facilities, the course will be changed in some special situation.Thank you for your understanding.
  • Tourist guide is available in Japanese only. If you need English guide, this organization might help.(They have nothing to do with us.) →Morioka Goodwill Guides

Car Lineup


Regular Fare

Distance-based Faresstandard taxi600 yen up to 1km, thereafter 100 yen for per 298m.
bigger taxi[9 seater]750 yen up to 1km, thereafter 110 yen for per 208m.
Time/Distance-based Faresstandard taxi100yen for per 110 seconds at a speed of 10km or less.
bigger taxi[9 seater]110 yen for per 75 seconds at a speed of 10km or less.
Pick-up FeeFree
Reservation FeeFree

Charter system fare

Standard taxi - 4 seater3,100yen for per 30 minutes
Bigger taxi - 9 seater5,160yen for per 30 minutes


We accept cash(Japanese yen), and credit card(VISA, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, Master card, DC, UC,UNIONPay), and taxi ticket.

Corporate Profile

Company Name: Morioka Taxi Corporation
Head Office Location: 1-8-18 Chuodori, Morioka-shi, Iwate 020-0021,Japan
Tel :+81-19-622-9121
E-mail : info@morioka-taxi.com
Foundation: May, 1924 (incorporated in September, 2022)